Swachha Bharat Abhijan (G)

Swachh Bharat Mission(G) –  Swachh Bharat Mission(G) is also carried out as the prima face of ODMP Vision’s target and built up alliances of hygienic awareness campaign by mobilizing the rural villages for construction of Individual Household Latrine in Itipur G.P of Khordha district ,  ketakipatana , Mahura ,Dasabidyadharpur of Satyabadi block of Puri district  and Nuakholamara , Ranhagorada and Nagapur  of GOP block of Puri district of Odisha State. As a whole ………nos. of IHLs has been installed for the individuals with the support partnership of DWSM Khordha and Puri districts. Village health & sanitation committees are being formed and linked with DWSM as convergence of community institutions to continue the journey  of Swachh Bharat Mission amongst the rural people.