Village Mapping-  131villages
Wall Painting-      605 sites
Orientation to villagers-  390 Sessioins
Mothers Meetings- 786 Sessions
Health Education Programme- 1572 Sessions
Monthly Village Meetings on Sanitation Issue- 393
Village Sanitation Day Observed- 131 Sessions
Village Hygiene Campaign- 131 Villages
Training to Village Motivators- 131
Formation of Village Sanitation (WATSAN) Committees- 131
Training for Village WATSAN Committee Members\Total Revenue/Political Blocks- 11 Blocks
Total Number of Villages- 1714 Villages - 262 Sessions
Expouser Visits for Members of Village WATSAN Committee- 131 Tours
Open Dugwell Improvement- 317 nos
Washing Platforms- 17714 Nos
Soakpits- 186
Community Garbage Ppits- 733
Repair of Tubewell Platforms- 535
Village Drains- 10286 mtrs
Cow Sheds- 311
New Tubewell- 98
New Ttubewell Platform- 40
Community Bath Rooms- 224
Individual Household Latrines- 357
School Sanitation- 986
Promotion of micro finance programme through 1500 women SHGs, commissioning of Kalinga Micro finance co- operative Ltd.