FANI the devastating cyclone

ERA's Greatest Devastation

  The unprecedented and unexpected extremely severe cyclonic storm , FANI, one of the greatest disaster of this century which struck coastal odisha on May 03 2019 has left massive devastation in Puri District. The resultant loss of human lives, livestock’s, infrastructure and agriculture is by now a thing of the past. All most all infrastructures like electricity, water supply and forest has been smashed out and the living conditions of people of these areas has been strucked. It is our endeavor to conduct a primary survey which reveals massive devastation of houses, agricultural crops, livestock’s resources as well as income generation resources. Official confirmation is available for 64 death toll, over 2 lakhs house damage, over 90% of the standing crops damaged worth thousands of crores Rupees. Extensive damage of coconut trees , betel nut trees and other fruit trees which resulted the loss of regular income of the people of this area.

For post cyclone programme the most vulnerable, marginalized households are targeted in this programme particularly female headed households, widows, elderly, disabled households of scheduled caste and scheduled tribes households with no alternative access to reliable employment. The programme is women-focused. Women are the main beneficiaries of this programme and have been involved in all aspects of the programme, from planning and implementation to evaluation stage. When setting up the programme, field staffs and implementing partners were given a detailed list of the targeting criteria in additions to holding several meetings to ensure that the criteria were clear and accepted by all.

The programme to be implemented basically for the repair/reconstruction of houses, child minding/animal minding/site supervision, restoration of traditional livelihood resources, cleaning and restoration of community ponds and other water sources and create other access for their livelihood.